EMDR Consultation for Professionals

Welcome, colleagues! I am pleased to announce that I offer consultation to professionals who have completed the EMDR Institute basic training weekends one and two.

I offer many years of experience treating adult clients with EMDR. I was trained by the EMDR Institute in 2004. I spent years in the Atlanta EMDR professional community, attending consultation and advanced trainings that came through the city from all over the world, including a practice-changing Somatic EMDR course that gave me the skill set to better work with complex trauma and more directly help clients regulate their nervous system arousal states. I have studied the treatment of dissociative disorders and attended multiple trainings from Kathy Steele, as well as a training about how to treat dissociative disorders using EMDR from Dolores Mosquera. I blend ego state work and attachment work with EMDR for faster resolution of entrenched patterning. I am trained in the Recent Traumatic Events Protocol (R-TEP) and Group Traumatic Events Protocol (G-TEP) and can teach you the ins and outs of when to use EMD, versus EMDr, and EMDR. I have even successfully used facets of EMDR in couples sessions. I can help you not only master the basic protocol for grounded, effective EMDR sessions in service of your own path to certification, but also give you a deeper understanding of the depth and breadth of EMDR for your clinical practice.

Currently, I am a Consultant-in-Training with EMDRIA, which means I am working toward my Certified Consultant hours under the direction of a fully certified EMDRIA consultant from whom I seek supervision, or what is called "consultation of consultation."

I am able to provide your consultation hours toward the basic training certificate, as well as up to 15 consultation hours toward EMDR Certification through EMDRIA.

I offer both individual and group consultation. My individual consultation fee is $125 per hour. Group consultation is $60 per person, per hour.

Good consultation begins with honing assessment skills and creating an EMDR treatment plan (Phases 1 and 2 in EMDR). Without these, it's easy to wander around for too long with clients leading the way, chasing targets and getting nowhere fast. Not good! Therefore, each consultee is required to present written case conceptualizations and either a transcript of their work with Phases 3 through 8 of EMDR, or video of working with these Phases with a client. Don't worry! It sounds scarier and more labor-intensive than it is. I will provide you with the structure to navigate each step in the process.

Click on the links below for a case conceptualization form and verbatim transcript example. Also complete the Contract for Consultation services when you are ready to begin. I look forward to working with you!

Case Presentation Form
Verbatim Summary Form

Jennifer Hume, LMHC, LPC, MCAP

North Palm Beach Office:

840 U.S. Highway 1
Suite 435
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

[email protected]