Couples Counseling


Relationships are necessary for our survival, every bit as much as food, water and shelter. We need contact, touch, encouragement, and fun or else we start to feel isolated, depressed, and anxious. We are wired to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and relationships like friendship, partnerships and marriage, fit the bill.

While romantic relationships often start out strong and meet all of those aforementioned needs, they don't always stay that way. It can be confusing to figure out why relationships begin to fail. I am trained in what I believe is the most effective modality of couples therapy: emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT). EFT was developed by Sue Johnson, Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa. EFT has robust research base and has been found to be effective and helpful to couples.

While I am proud to be an EFT therapist, I am not a purist in any one model of treatment. I typically blend what I know to be useful from all areas of my training to tailor the work to each unique couple and individual. For example, I trained earlier in my career in the John Gottman methods of couples therapy. I also incorporate skills teaching, ego state work and EMDR principles in couples counseling.

* Note that I limit my couples therapy practice to 1/4 of my available sessions. This is because I specialize in other areas of the field providing individual work.

* Also note that I do not work with high-conflict divorces or high-conflict, emotionally or physically abusive relationships, as these are not my areas of expertise.

* Please call for availability. If I am unable to accommodate you I can refer to one of my EFT colleagues in the area.

Jennifer Hume, LMHC, LPC, MCAP

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