Pregnancy & Postpartum Counseling

I have completed certificate training with Postpartum Support Postpartum Support International Certificate of CompletionInternational and am trained in the treatment of postpartum and perinatal mood disorders.

I provide individual counseling sessions for pregnancy and postpartum sadness, anxiety, depression and OCD. Some women are highly sensitive to hormone fluctuations. Therefore, upsetting symptoms due to hormonal fluctuations and their interplay with neurotransmitters in the brain can occur in pregnancy or begin any time during the first year after the baby is born. Other conditions, such as Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder (PMDD) can start or worsen after pregnancy.

Counseling for pregnancy-related concerns may also address: postpartum anxiety, depression or OCD. Therapy with me affords an outlet for you to talk with someone who understands, and who will not be frightened by your experiences. I also teach women about the slippery slope of unhelpful thinking, or negative cognitions, that many moms struggle with, such as "other women are doing so much better than I am, I must be a terrible mom, I can't do this, I must be failing since I'm so unhappy...." And I teach women how to manage these. Individual counseling may also address other topics, as described below.

Unplanned pregnancy can turn out to be a joyous surprise. And sometimes, not. It can also bring a lot of stress, fear and confusion. Confidential sessions with a trained counselor can provide immeasurable relief during this time in your life.

Pregnancy loss, or the death of a child after birth, is a devastating experience. I have walked with many parents through this unimaginable grief. Do not suffer alone. Get the guidance and support of a committed professional counselor.


  • Prevalence and Symptoms of Perinatal (the time consisting of pregnancy through the first year after the baby's birth) Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD)
  • Myths of Motherhood
  • Treatment options for PMAD
  • Automatic Negative Thoughts that make PMAD so much worse, and how to correct them
  • Relaxation training
  • Stress and expectation management
  • Self Care
  • Traumatic birthing experiences and how to recover


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