Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Are You an Adult Child of a Narcissistic Parent?

Our entire life perspective is colored by those who raise us and our self-concept is in large part based on the environment and relationships we grow up with. It is a shocking moment when you realize you might be an adult child who was raised by a narcissistic parent because the insight comes with at least a vague realization that all of your effort to be good enough, visible, or worthy of attention, attunement and emotional support and encouragement have been for naught: your narcissistic parent still does not recognize you as the competent, worthy, emotionally present person you have always been. This relationship dynamic of trying so hard with virtually no emotional or social reciprocity can repeat in your adult friendships, marriages and work relationships.

Narcissism as a Spectrum Disorder

Narcissism is a spectrum disorder. This means that some people can have specific damaging traits of narcissism and others may exhibit many, many traits which would indicate a full narcissistic personality disorder. Being raised by a parent with even a couple of enduring narcissistic patterns of relating can be enough to create life-long challenges until recovery is discovered worked through.

Treatment and Recovery

I have worked for over 20 years with high-achieving clients who, despite their accomplishments, never feel good enough, happy, or free from the projections their narcissistically-leaning parents. I have trained in approaches such as ego state/parts of self work, EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Karyl McBride's Five-Step Recovery Model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents so that I can facilitate the insight and change necessary to help adult children reclaim their lives.

In particular, I specialize in working with women with narcissistic mothers.

* Please note that I do not work with partners currently in love/partner relationships with emotionally or physically abusive narcissistic partners, or with couples engaged in high-conflict relationships, or high-conflict divorce proceedings, as providing counseling in these circumstances is outside the scope of my expertise.

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The WIEBGE acronym stands for “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?”, and signifies certification in Dr. Karyl McBride’s five-step recovery model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents.”


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