I am an experienced, intuitive therapist and I have spent over 20 years gaining high-quality training and experience for the sole purpose of helping you with the problems that are weighing you down. By the close of the first session, I will lay out a plan for how we will work together to meet your needs. I am skilled in EMDR and Brainspotting for resolving the effects of trauma or other distressing experiences, Ego State work (also called parts work, or  Family Systems work) for helping people update old patterns from childhood that keep them stuck, attachment repair for feeling safe in the world and in relationships, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to relieve anxiety and depression, and Emotionally Focused Therapy to change the sometimes hard-to-see core of negative repeating patterns with the people you love the most. I am also a seasoned grief counselor, I hold a certificate from Postpartum Support International for counseling in maternal mental health, and I have counseled people in recovery from substance abuse since 1999.

In choosing an effective therapist, it's not just about the years of experience and training a counselor has that is important. There is also an art to good therapy that a counselor either has or does not have. It involves the therapist's ability to use their intuitive, felt sense to be fully present in session, clearly identify the root of problems and navigate with a client through to their healing. It is an ability to help clients get to and hold their emotion while it shifts, slow the pacing of thoughts to investigate them fully and update them as needed, and to track and work with the subtleties of emotional pain (like fear) that is lodged in the nervous system and move it to release and to the client's freedom of it.  Good therapy is far more than a conversation.

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