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Due to requirements in the State of Georgia for the provision of telemental health counseling, I have completed specialized training in telemental health counseling as part of maintaining my Georgia license to practice. I completed that training years ago and am pleased to provide online video counseling sessions to my clients residing in both Georgia and Florida during this time of social distancing with COVID-19. Due to the success of this modality of therapy, I will continue to offer telehealth sessions in addition to in-office sessions as it becomes safer to return to in-person meetings.

I have a special informed consent and authorization form for you to complete in order to participate in video conferencing sessions. Please click, download and sign the following informed consent and authorization, and send it back to me via email at [email protected] or mail it to my physical office address.

Informed Consent and Authorization for Telemental Health Counseling

How to Schedule and Sign in for your Online Appointment

To schedule an appointment , please contact my office at 561-951-0879.

At your scheduled appointment time, simply open your internet browser on your laptop, computer, tablet, or smart phone (Chrome or Firefox are recommended, though clients have indicated others work just as well) and type the following into the address bar (not the search bar, but the web address bar):

This will take you to my virtual waiting room. You will then be prompted to enter your name - you can enter your first name or just your initials if you wish. This will let me know you are waiting. I will start the session from my end, and will appear on your screen.

Please "arrive" 5 minutes prior to your session to avoid any technological difficulties and to ensure you have your full hour. Make sure your webcam is operating. Also, if you would like to use earbuds or headphones for more privacy or for better audio, please have that set up prior to your session. Please note that while I strive to start sessions on time, sometimes the session prior to yours may run over. Please be patient - I will start the session as soon as I can and as close to your session time as possible.

Please note that counseling sessions online feel different than counseling sessions in person. It may take some adjustment to get used to, but I assure you that online counseling can be just as effective as sessions in person, and EMDR is even possible via video conferencing with telecounseling.


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